The starting point…

The starting point of our pedagogical project is based on a discipline that we really care about : improvisation. Indeed, we both practice this discipline in multiple ways (class of generative improvisation at CNSM of Paris, jazz, sound painting etc. …). We had the opportunity to improvise together in many projects. Furthermore, we both did our pedagogic studies thesis on educational questions linked with the art of improvisation: “The improvisation in tuba learning in the 1st cycle” (Tom Caudelle) and “The generative improvisation in saxophone learning” (Guillaume Berceau).

We were able to notice during our research and situation scenarios with pupils that the art of improvisation is a great educational tool to use with young students. Therefore, the choice of this subject appears obvious to us.

The idea is to propose new study methods to the pupils and especially to offer them exercises based on free improvisation. Improvisation is a tool that favors autonomous discovery and that enables the pupils to develop their listening, release themselves, create, gain self-confidence, and express themselves freely and musically.

The involved students will receive a training based on the collective orchestral practice; we would like to work with a multi-instrumentalist group (about ten pupils) with a method not based on the reading of scores but based on musical listening.

You can download our venezuela-project to see the workshops.

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